Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Services

Capacity: Norman Noble, Inc. is a known leader in electrical discharge machining (EDM) of ultra-precision products with a combination of more than 28 wire and plunge EDM machines in our Production EDM department.


Product Applications: Customers use our contract manufacturing services to produce some of the smallest and most complex parts for the medical implant & device and aerospace industries. Some examples include:

  • Vascular Implants
  • Arthroscopy Implants
  • Hearing Aid Components
  • Components for Heart Valves
  • Aerospace Gyro Components


Capabilities: Our experience and capabilities with wire and conventional EDM is unmatched in the industry.  Applied as a single machining process on parts where dimensions & tolerance are critical or used as a secondary process to finish pre-machined pieces to exact dimensions, both wire & conventional EDM provide exceptional accuracy and repeatability.  We specialize in machining components from exotic materials including hardened Steel, Stellite, Tungsten Carbide, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Nitralloy, Waspaloy, Nimonic, and Udimet.  We have the expertise to help you determine the most efficient use of EDM. Visit “When Do You Need Electrical Discharge Machining?” for more details on when to use EDM by geometry and when to use EDM by material.


Inquiries for Wire & Sinker EDM projects can be sent to sales@normannoble.net or submitted through our RFQ page.

Process Development

Our advanced machining capabilities are located in independent Process Development Centers with dedicated equipment for each of our manufacturing business units. This enables our prototype machining equipment to be isolated from the production manufacturing areas. 

Wire EDM Prototype Department

Our research and development team of engineers provide both Design for Manufacturability and Engineering & Testing Services.