Swiss Micromachining Services

Swiss Machining DepartmentSwiss Machining Capacity: Norman Noble, Inc. operates over 55 of the newest, most advanced Swiss style turning machines. Our Swiss Machining equipment is no more than three years old and located in an independent, production business unit, which is over 21,000 sq. ft. in size. Our highly trained staff of engineers and operators has the experience to take your project from prototype to full market requirements.



Product Applications: Customers use our contract manufacturing services to produce some of the smallest and most complex parts for the medical device industry.  Some examples would include:

  • Eye Implants
  • Bone Screws (Cannulated, Self Drilling, Polyaxial and Pedicle)
  • Heart Implants
  • Neurovascular Devices
  • Dental TADs


Capabilities: With Swiss turning machines, multiple operations, including milling, gun drilling and thread whirling, can be accomplished. This equipment can hold tolerances of +/- .0001” and their versatility minimizes or eliminates the need for secondary operations.  We specialize in swiss machining components from exotic materials including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nitinol, Tantalum, Cobalt Chrome, and PEEK implants. The Swiss Machining department works hand in hand with our Process Validation department to provide IQ-OQ, MSV and PQ qualification and validation.


Visit our Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing page for more detailed information about our capabilities.


Inquiries for Swiss Micromachining projects can be sent to or visit our RFQ page. For additional information, download: Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing Capabilities.


View our Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing Capabilities

Process Development

Norman Noble’s prototype machining capabilities for 5-Axis Micro Milling and Turning projects are provided using dedicated equipment in our independent Process Development Center, which is isolated from the production manufacturing floor. Our experienced team of engineers work within our Process Development Center, to develop and validate the most efficient manufacturing methods required to machine your medtech product innovations to exact drawing specifications. 

Swiss Process Development CenterNorman Noble’s expertise in 5-Axis Micro Milling and Turning is a result of decades of hands-on experience. We are dedicated to improving our 5-axis milling manufacturing capabilities, through the proprietary design of innovative machining systems & processes. We are constantly striving to find new and better ways to manufacture our customers’ products that depend on ultra-precision micromachining. Working closely with our customers we are able to develop the most efficient, custom tooling and parameters to manufacture their products. Our Process Development team works with our customers to manufacture very early design stage prototypes, and our technologies often enable the commercialization of next generation medtech products. Our PDC also works closely with our Quality & Process Validation Department and Production staff to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production.