Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) Services

Capacity: Medical device OEMs rely on Norman Noble’s expertise in the manufacturing their ultra-precise, breakthrough products. Our experienced engineering staff develops manufacturing processes that utilize ECG technologies, to provide the most cost effective, quality products.


Product Applications: Electrochemical grinding provides an important level of flexibility in our comprehensive medical device manufacturing services. It offers exceptional precision for the micromachining of a variety of medical parts.

Electrochemical Grinding Services

Capabilities: Norman Noble’s electrochemical grinding capabilities offer an excellent alternative to EDM cutting in some cases. This process is especially effective in micro machining tough materials with precise, burr-free cuts.  Electrochemical grinding combines electrical and chemical energy for metal removal with an EDM finish. It is a non-abrasive process and, therefore, produces precise cuts that are free of heat, stress, burrs and mechanical distortions. Norman Noble’s electrochemical grinder can be used for micro precision machining of any electrochemically reactive and conductive material, including tough and specialty metals such as:

Aluminum • Amorphous metals • Beryllium • Beryllium Copper • Copper • Hastelloy®
• Inconel • Iridium • Nickel Aluminide
• Nitinol  • PH 17-4 Stainless • Steel

Powdered Metals Rene 41 Rhenium Rhodium Stainless Steel Stellite Titanium
Tungsten Carbide Vitalium Zirconium

Process Development

Our advanced machining capabilities are located in independent Process Development Centers with dedicated equipment for each of our manufacturing business units. This enables our prototype machining equipment to be isolated from the production manufacturing areas. Our experienced research and development team of engineers provides both unmatched expertise and capabilities for micro machining complex Swiss prototype projects to ensure all aspects of Process Development can be performed prior to production.

Inquiries for ECG projects can be sent to sales@normannoble.net or visit our RFQ page.