High-Speed Contour Milling Services

Capacity: Norman Noble, Inc. uses the newest technologies for high-speed milling. With more than twenty 4-axis and 5-axis vertical milling machines and 15 Willemin-Macodel 7-axis contour milling machines, our company is one of the largest providers of single-operation machining in the United States.


Product Applications: Customers use our contract manufacturing services to produce some of the smallest and most complex parts for the medtech industry. Some examples include:

  • Spinal Implant Assemblies
  • Bone Plates
  • Implant Grade PEEK Spacers

Visit our Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing page for more detailed information on this service.


Capabilities: Our high-precision contour milling equipment manufactures 3-dimensional parts, such as metallic or PEEK-based spinal and extremity implants, by milling and turning them in one cycle from bar-fed stock to a complete six-sided part. Other methods for manufacturing complex six-sided parts typically require additional machining steps, which may also include multiple machining processes. To our customers’ advantage, our machining centers can be programmed to automate the manufacturing process into a single-operation, resulting in higher output with greater precision and quality.

Norman Noble uses high-speed milling as both a single machining process and as a preliminary step prior to EDM machining to further reduce cost and save time during the production process. In other instances, our CNC milling capabilities are versatile enough to provide an economical alternative to other, more costly machining methods.

Our knowledgeable programmers develop manufacturing methods that allow for the most efficient sequencing of drilling, reaming and contour milling. In addition, they carefully select tool bits (e.g., cobalt, carbide, etc.) to optimize the quality and speed of production. Norman Noble uses a variety of leading edge CAD/CAM platforms such as: MasterCam, Pro-E, SolidWorks and CamWorks, all of which are capable of supporting up to 7-axis, simultaneous machining.


Advantages of 7-Axis Contour Milling Technology:

  • Automatic clamping device for milling and turning on the back side of the part allows for a complete six-sided part.
  • Dedicated equipment for the machining of implant grade PEEK components.
  • Profile milling of extremely complex geometries.
  • Unmanned machining process, ensured by tool management and tool breakage detection on the machine, enables uninterrupted processing until the part is complete.
  • Regularity and consistency in the precision and the quality of manufactured parts.
  • Tighter tolerances (+/-.0001”)
  • Tool Speed: 40,000 RPM
  • 8-axis machine with 7-axis live profile milling.
  • Smaller, faster cuts in any configuration of pockets and profiles.


Inquiries for 7-axis contour milling projects can be sent to sales@normannoble.net or submitted through our RFQ page.

5-axis contour milling for medical devices and implants

Process Development

Norman Noble’s prototype machining capabilities for 7-Axis Micro Milling and Turning projects are provided using dedicated equipment in our independent Process Development Center, which is isolated from the production manufacturing floor. Our experienced team of engineers work within our Process Development Center, to develop and validate the most efficient manufacturing methods required to machine your medtech product innovations to exact drawing specifications.


7 Axis Micro Milling and Turning Process Development Center

Norman Noble’s expertise in 7-Axis Micro Milling and Turning is a result of decades of hands-on experience. We are dedicated to improving our 7-axis milling manufacturing capabilities, through the proprietary design of innovative machining systems & processes. We are constantly striving to find new and better ways to manufacture our customers’ products that depend on ultra-precision micromachining. Working closely with our customers we are able to develop the most efficient, custom tooling and parameters to manufacture their products. Our Process Development team works with our customers to manufacture very early design stage prototypes, and our technologies often enable the commercialization of next generation medtech products. Our PDC also works closely with our Quality & Process Validation Department and Production staff to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production. 


We also provide Design for Manufacturability and Engineering & Testing Services.